Lock On Seal - LSE (Yellow, 50 ml)

Art.No. 15205


Thread and flange seal
Prevents gas and fluid leaks from pipe joints into water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oil, fuels, cooling agents and chemicals, etc.
Acts as a low pressure seal directly after assembly and can be disassembled after hardening.
Quick and simple to use and does not run.
Specially suited to coarse-pitch threads. Can also be used on stainless materials without needing an activator.
Fills the cavities between threads and replaces Teflon tape, flax and thread tape.
The 10-30 minute fixturing time gives you time to make adjustments but you can also speed it up with Lock Speed.
Perfect for applications in heating, plumbing and sanitation, pneumatics and hydraulics, has a very high pressure resistance > 700 bar.
Safe and reliable. Certified for use as sealing agent on gas and hot water equipment DIN-DVGW in accordance with DIN-751-1.
Handles temperatures from -55°C to +150°C and fills gaps of up to 0.50 mm.

Lock On Seal - LSE (Yellow, 50 ml)

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