VEIDEC Sponsorships 2018

We want to continue being pioneers in our field. Therefore, VEIDEC has been a devoted sponsor for leading teams and strong personalities involved in motorsports for more than 20 years. Our engagement makes it possible for us to test and develop our products under extreme conditions.

RX2 International Series

VEIDEC is series sponsor and technical partner of RX2 International Series, the FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series. RX2 hosts seven rounds across three continents in 2017. Our partnership with RX2 lets us express VEIDECs passion for performance with responsibility to a truly global audience.

VEIDEC Racing Team – Pro Stock MC

Pro Stock MC drivers use heavily modified motorbikes that accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about one second. It takes around seven seconds to finish the 402,33-meter-long runway. Our driver Karl Lyrén is a very promising Swedish talent, who won the Nordic Championships in both 2014 and 2016.

VEIDEC Racing Aerobatic Team

In aerobatics the pilots perform manoeuvres that expose them to extreme g-forces. The routine is performed in a three-dimensional “box”, 1000 meters on each side. The planes moves at up to 300 km/h, which means that they run from one side of the box to the other in just over 10 seconds. Mats Andersson is one of Sweden’s foremost aerobatic pilots and he competes in the highest division.

Kristoffersson Motorsport

We continue our long and successful partnership with Kristoffersson Motorsport in 2017. KMS makes a comeback in STCC, Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, equipped with VEIDECs green products for repair and maintenance. Driving for the team are Johan Kristoffersson, who won the championship in 2012, and the STCC debutant Fredrik Blomstedt.

Scandinavian Touring Car Championship

STCC is Scandinavia’s leading racing series, based in Sweden, but in 2017 there will also be one round hosted i Finland. VEIDEC is a partner of STCC, a championship that attracts the biggest names and best teams. STCC is all about thrills, skills and success.


Livslopp (“Liferun”) is based on a really simple idea. That you can contribute to the struggle against cancer by arranging or participate in an activity, where the participants give 1 Swedish krona for every minute to the Swedish Cancer foundation.

For several years VEIDEC have been cooperating with Jörgens Livslopp, a bike race between Sälen and Mora, which was the very first Livslopp. In 2017 VEIDEC takes a new step and expand our cooperation with Jörgens Livslopp. On June 10th VEIDEC will arrange Livslopp all over Sweden. We challenge our customers, friends and other to participate in these activities, and call on them to give 1 Swedish krona per minute to the Cancer Foundation.

Learn more on Livslopp’s webpage (in Swedish).

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