The story of VEIDEC is the story of two entrepreneurs, Rickard Pålsson and Hans Pettersson, their vision, their passion and their will to make a change.

“When you use a product from us you help make the world a little bit better place to live in, which is what we had in mind when we founded VEIDEC in 1993 – to develop products that make your job easier and safer and that help you make the world a greener place.”

Our products were green long before “green” became fashionable in the world of chemical products. The road to acceptance in the industry for our green products has been a long one, and motorsports have been an integral part of our strategy to break new ground and get the VEIDEC Green World product line on its feet.

VEIDEC has been involved in motorsports since 1993 in almost every capacity imaginable – as a team, a sponsor and a championship owner – and we have consistently been a driving force in bringing about change to make motorsports greener. As the owner of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, for example, VEIDEC pioneered the use of ethanol and biogas as fuel for the competitors.

Motorsports also constitute a high-tech proving ground where only the best is good enough – and VEIDEC's merits testify to our position there. We have won ten European Championships and set a number of European records for different types of motorsports while testing and developing our products in a high pressure environment where efficiency is key.

When you use our products you can rest assured that you are using the most efficient products available in the market. The products help you make a change as well – you get more quality content and an absolute minimum of propellants and solvents when you buy an aerosol can from VEIDEC. Added bonuses include shorter transport distances, less packaging material and waste of aerosol cans. This means lower energy waste since less material needs to be produced – resulting in lower TCU (total cost of usage) for you and the environment.

The passion and values of VEIDEC with regards to the respect for nature and our fragile environment is deeply rooted in a Swedish tradition. What we leave behind is what our children will inherit and live with.To care for the nature and environment is as self-evident to us as taking care of one’s children.

For us, it is important that our partners share our values.
It is a prerequisite in order to establish a sound and sustainable relationship where everyone is a winner.

This is the story of VEIDEC that we will work so passionately for you to be part of – bringing about change for a better future.

– Rickard Pålsson and Hans Pettersson founders of VEIDEC