VEIDECs Green Milestones

The engagement for the wellbeing of people and for the environment is fundamental for us. This mindset has guided us from the beginning and it directs our enterprise into the future. Our journey together with our customers has only just begun.

VEIDEC is founded from the vision of a green workshop, which is run with high tech products that are good both for the health of the employees and for the environment.

We launch Green World, a concept with products where we minimize the number of hazard pictograms, and with knowledge provision, that for example increases efficiency and reduces the consumption for our customers.

VEIDEC is one of the first companies in Sweden to introduce safety data sheets with 16 sections.

We enter into partnerships with several top teams within motorsports, determined to test and develop our green products under the toughest conditions imaginable.

Denmark becomes the first international market for our products. Since 2001, we enter one new market per year on average.

VEIDEC AB is certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

To improve and simplify are two of VEIDECs cornerstones. For that reason, we introduce a system for continuous improvement and quality review of all parts of our business.

We start a long-term project to certify parts of our product line according to NSF, an international standard for health and safety.

More than half of our total sales are Green World classed. Our goal is 100 percent. In 2016 we also chose hybrid technology for our entire Swedish car fleet.

VEIDEC is now represented in 17 European countries.