Environment and Quality

Across our organization, we work according to quality- and environmental assured processes. We have the ambition and drive to be a model for others and constantly improve our operations to reduce environmental impact.

Best quality and minimal environmental impact
We have an uncompromising approach to our business and we strive to be the best in all situations. Therefore, we use only the best components in our products, to achieve both high product quality and a low environmental impact.  

Recognized certifications
Quality is a critical factor for us, both for direct product quality and in all the soft values that are offered and experienced throughout the entire value chain. Therefore, we focus on documenting this through our various certifications. Specifically, this means that VEIDEC AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2002. Also, many of our products are individually certified to the NSF standard. NSF is an independent, third-party organization for product registration for non-food compounds for the food industry.

Listing of all approved VEIDEC products.

Continuous Improvement
We have the ambition to be a role model in the industry and to constantly improve our business from all aspects. Therefore, we work continuously with a series of initiatives that include:

  • The early adoption and exceeding of applicable laws and regulations.

  • Using modern technologies in our development.

  • The development of highly effective products, which through an optimal mix of ingredients creates additional value for customers while reducing environmental impact.

  • Providing proper instructions for use and safety for staff and customers.

  • To constantly focusing on streamlining internal processes. Ensuring that all employees are aware of the potential environmental impacts related to our daily work.