Monica Sällman - customer service

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 07 / +46 (0)706-45 55 60
Born: 1970 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Spinningclasses and my family

Favourite movie: Forrest Gump

Favourite book: "The wrong boy" by Willy Russel

Favourite music: Norah Jones and Melody Gardot

Athletic achievements: Can do splits

Personality: Outgoing and positive

Special ability: My customers make me happy

Helen Pettersson - customer service

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 00 / +46 (0)706-45 55 55
Born: 1971 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: My children, soccer, dancing

Favourite movie: "Kogänget och bondgården", a childrens movie

Favourite book: "Inte utan min dotter"

Favourite music: A little bit of everything

Athletic achievements: Third division soccer in Sweden

Personality: Stubborn and cheerful

Special abilities: A multitasker

Boel Pålsson - receptionist

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 03 / +46 (0)706-45 55 62
Born: 1964 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family

Favourite movie: The pianist

Favourite book: "Stentjuren"

Favourite music: Mainstream music

Athletic achievements: Won the golf competition "Glass & Ära"

Personality: Happy and spirited

Special ability: Spontaneous

Nina Mandahl - environmental manager

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 13
Born: 1973 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Yardsales and travels

Favourite movie: Gilda

Favourite book: All books by Carin Burman

Favourite music: Likes a lot

Athletic achievements: Changed dipers with a broken arm

Personality: Serious but always cheerful

Special abilities: A strong sense of order

András Szederjesi - Design and Marketing manager

Telefon: 0708-27 46 67
Född: 1959

Hobbies: Art, excercise, travels

Best movie: Dodes´Ka-Den

Best book: Paula Coelhos books

Favourite music: Pink Floyd

Athletic achievements: Gymnastics basic level.

Special ability: Accurate with little tendency for exaggeration.

Per Ågren - Sales manager

Phone: +46 (0)70-512 95 80
Fax: +46 (0)18-60 45 00
Born: 1961 Uppsala

Favourite team: In hockey it's Almtuna. In soccer, Sirius.

Best movie: Steven Segal-movies

Best book: Allt om whisky (Everything you need to know about whiskey)

Favourite music: Queen, and a heavy baseline on the road

Athletic achievements: Runner up in the volleyball turnament "70:aden"

Personality: Cries at award ceremonies and happy endings

Special ability: Know how to shovel snow in a very impressing pace

Anders Olsson - purchasing manager

Phone: +46(0)46-23 89 05 / +46(0)706-32 42 96
Born: 1975 in Klågerup, Sweden

Hobbies: Fishing and hunting

Favourite movie: Brave Heart

Favourite book: "Visst nappar det", a book about fishing by Bengt Öste

Favourite music: Metal rock

Athletic achievements: District champion in inshore fishing 1983/1984

Personality: Always cheerful

Special ability: Good at imitating people

Andreas Sjödin - international shipments

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 10 / +46 (0)763-37 11 12
Born: 1987 in Ystad, Sweden

Hobbies: Soccer and fishing

Favourite movie: Shawnshank redemption

Best book: "Tuppen, musen och den lilla röda hönan"

Favourite music: "Joddla med Siv"

Athletic achievements: Has beaten Anders in fishing competitions TWO years in a row

Personality: Positive

Special ability: Sore looser (and winner)

Jonas Carlström - international shipments

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 14 / +46 (0)702-11 61 11
Born: 1969 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Fishing

Favourite movie: "Meta mera", a movie about fishing

Favourite book: "Modernt mete" a book about fishing

Favourite music: Håkan Hellström, Swedish artist

Athletic achievements: Trials for the national team in fishing

Personality: Early riser

Special ability: Uses lots of salt

Stefan Persson - economy

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 02 / +46 (0)703-16 02 14
Born: 1969 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbie: Soccer

Favourite movie: Sällskapsresan, a swedish movie

Favourite book: The Stig Larsson triology

Favourite music: Rock, preferably AC/DC

Athletic achievements: Soccer in second division

Personality: Accurate and precise

Hans Pettersson - product manager

Phone: +46 (0)706-97 79 47
Born: 1963 in Oskarshamn, Sweden

Hobbie: Running and swimming (would beat most of you)

Favourite movie: The godfahter and "Skrotnisse"

Favourite book: Foreign nights by Norman Mailer

Favourite music: Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Zappa and Queen

Athletic achievements: Marine champion in barrier swimming 1981

Personality: Stubborn, honest and loyal

Special abilities: I might be the only one that thinks that my morning temper is nice and stable

Per Bäckström - Technical support

Phone: +46 (0)709-50 20 73
Born: 1965

Hobbies: Motorsports especially Roadracing

Best movie: Fastest

Best book: Dollar

Favourite music: Heavy metal

Athletic achievements: A variation of prizes from about 150 Roadracing competitions

Personality: Far to nice

Special ability: Have a strong inclination to skid with vehicles

Kenneth Lundsten - Supply Chain Manager

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 04 / +46 (0)705-85 94 04
Born: 1973 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Everything that makes me happy

Favourite movie: The green mile

Favourite book: Lasermannen, a book about a swedish serial killer

Favourite music: Music you can dance to

Athletic achievements: I'm good at all sport, though my wife wouldn't agree with you regarding soccer

Personality: Always right even when I'm wrong

Special abilities: Often use sayings that is not applicable to the situation

Rickard Pålsson - CEO

Phone: +46 (0)705-85 94 03
Born: 1964 in Ängelholm, Sweden

Hobbies: VEIDEC AB

Favourite movie: Shawnshank redemption

Favourite book: "Jakten på mästerskapet"

Favourite music: My own performance of Bon Jovis "You give love a bad name"

Athletic achievements: Almost won the finals in VEIDECs internal bandy turnament

Personality: Always smiling

Special abilities: Don't sleep much but always wake up happy

Bob Huzell - Key account manager

Phone: +46 (0)733-01 90 75
Born: 1963 in Karlstad

Hobbies: Riding mountainbike, skiing and boat rides.

Best movie: Good night and good luck.

Best book: Kepler series and Millenium trilogy

Favourite music: At the moment Drake

Athletic achievements: Been playing handball

Personality: Happy, empathetic and restless

Dan Bernhardsson - IT manager

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 11 / +46 (0)703-16 02 12
Born: 1966 in Malmö, Sweden

Hobbie: Cars, dragracing, Malmö FF

Favourite movie: We were soldiers

Favourite book: Röde Orm by Frans G Bengtsson

Favourite music: Metal

Athletic achievements: Watched Malmö FF win the semifinals in the european cup FOR CHAMPIONS in 1979

Personality: Give me a cookie and I'll tell you

Special abilities: Can fix EVERYTHING that's broken

Tobias Eklund - system developer

Phone: N/A
Born: 1980 in Lund

Hobbies: Anything that makes you sweat

Best movie: District 9 or Office space

Best book: Neverending story

Favourite music: Anything that sounds good

Athletic achievements: Winner of Irish Christmas

Personality: Happy, careful and mildly stubborn it has been said.

Special ability: Always worry without reason

Jessica Gustafsson - economy

Phone: +46 (0)46-23 89 01 / +46 (0)709-82 29 94
Born: 1978 in Lund, Sweden

Hobbies: Family and sports

Favourite movie: Don't know, always fall asleep (but I heard that Shutter Island was a good one)

Favourite book: The Stig Larsson novels

Favourite music: Schlager

Athletic achievements: Swedish championships in handball with Lugi

Personality: Always positive

Special abilities: I will never tell ;)

Tim Pålsson - first watchdog

Born: 2007 in Helsingborg, Sweden

Hobbies: Guarding, sleeping and food

Favourite movie: Lassie

Favourite book: Tom & Jerry

Favourite music: The Catmando quire

Personality: I think that I'm a very big dog

Special abilitys: Courage


Sune Lundsten - second watchdog

Born: 2002 in Malmö, Sweden

Hobbies: Begging

Favourite movie: Aristocats

Favourite book: Garfield

Personality: Very, very stubborn

Special abilities: Move extremly slow when I do not wich to obey my owner

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